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| S 1 E 1 | NOT YOUR TYPE: A Sketch Comedy Series

Josh believes he's found a girl like no other. When he introduces his new girlfriend to his friends they find out why she's truly out of this world: she's an alien.

Type cast and cast away: sketch comedy series NOT YOUR TYPE flips the script on stereotypes one bizarre fiasco at a time.


Directed/Created by: Ariel Zucker

Produced by: Ebiye Ikuku

Written by Macy Atkinson


Daryl Paris Bright as Heather

Alesia Etinoff as Amanda

Siddiq Saunderson as Josh

Connie Ennis as Sam


Producers: Ariel Zucker, Daryl Paris Bright, Clare Burdeshaw


Director of Photography: Zarmala Gilani

Edited by: Ariel Leigh Hoffmaier

Music by: Alexander Panos

Sound Mixer/Boom Op: Jeff Cendejas

Post-Sound Mixing: Jared Fellows 

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