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When Dewey, a flailing, unemployed, gay actor in L.A. gets kicked out of his apartmnet and dropped by his manager/mom, he is put back on his feet by a cult who's been looking for him since their leader, 'Daddy' died. Dewey steps up to be their leader, for he sees an opportunity here that no one else can: he's going to turn these cult members into a production company and they're going to film a beautiful, gay as hell rom-com (though Dewey doesn't plan on telling them about the 'gay' part).

Half-Hour Comedic Pilot

Executive Produced by: CNT Productions, William Tolan Lawrence


Produced by: Geneva Faye, Ariel Zucker

Directed by: Ariel Zucker

Written by: William Tolan Lawrence

Director of Photography: Silvia Lara

Costume Design: Connie Ennis

Gaffer: Kendyll Bursh


1st AD: Geneva Faye

1st AC: Cori Bobbett

Script Supervisor: Autumn Palen​​

Key Grip: Arlyn de los Santos​


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