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Allie V. Abstinence Pledge 

Theatrical Performance

Director: Ariel Zucker

ARIEL Long edited photo.png

10 year old Allie wants to win Show & Tell. The wrong way to do that? Bringing her dead mom's vibrator. But when her school forces everyone to sign the Abstinence Pledge, she refuses until she can get the sex talk. But without a mom, where will she go? Her dad, strangers, and a ghost.

+ Hudson Theaters, Hollywood 5.13-5.14.22

Written by + Starring: Alesia Etinoff

Director: Ariel Zucker

Stage Manager: Katie Pyne

Lighting Design: Nita Mendoza

Backstage: Jacky Linares

Photos by: Jon Adjahoe

Cinematographer: Charlie Howard

Sound Engineer: Jared Carrigan

ARIEL Smoochy and Allie Poster-Digital-5x7.jpeg
ARIEL Smoochygirl#1-1055.jpeg
ARIEL Smoochygirl#1-1389.jpeg
ARIEL Smoochygirl#1-414.jpeg
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